Sunday, March 20, 2011

Obama & Allies Try To Defend High Gas Prices

Senate Ally Defends Obama on Gas Prices

Mr. Bingaman, chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources committee, noted that at a hearing earlier in the week, a panel of energy experts collectively dismissed the claims that either climate policy or the pace of offshore oil permitting were driving gas prices higher.

Really? You mean the 896 billion barrels of oil we can't touch here in America would not have affected gasoline prices (even if you figure in the virtual ban on building new refineries)?

As Delbert says, "If you can't lie no better, you might as well tell the truth."

One Of Obama's Legacies

Libya: Who Didn't Know What And When Didn't They Know It

Dominoes. Arab world. Why Libya?

Hope and change is happening all over the Arab world and we appear not to have a clue. So what did we not know and when did we not know it?

Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, and on and on to Libya. It is so easy to ridicule Obama and the left about past statements, insults and accusations demeaning the efforts and goals of the Bush Administration. It's too easy because they spouted off for political reasons which threw reason out the window. The larger question, and more important question, is whether this administration is even aware of what it is doing at the most basic level.

People here cheered for Tunisia and Egypt. They had no idea who was behind the unrest nor did they have a clue about who was pulling the strings of the youthful protesters even as the protesters themselves had no clue. many Republicans were part of the hosanna chorus which is disconcerting, because cheering for uprisings just because on side is ugly doesn't make sense if both sides are ugly and evil. Nobody knew squat about these things and it appears they still don't.

The Law of Unintended Consequences is in full force here,  "Any intervention in a complex system may or may not have the intended result, but will inevitably create unanticipated and often undesirable outcomes".

There are tragedies occurring all over the world at the moment. Look at just about any African region and one will see slaughter, starvation and war. South East Asia is an abattoir at many levels. The degeneration of life itself continues unnoticed in China and Russia. The Middle East is a disaster just waiting to get worse, but we decide to add Libya to our list of wars.

I believe our interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan made good sense on many levels, but most importantly geopolitical reasons including the potential of a two front assault if Iran, the bat crap crazy in the neighborhood, decided to flex its muscle. Is there some parallel with Egypt, Israel and Libya or is the Obama Administration just desperate to contain Mali?

If, as reported, Obama only wants a war with Libya be quick as to not interfere with basketball and that some mean old women bullied him into this war, who the hell is in charge. Who is doing the big picture thinking here?

That this administration in incompetent is obvious, but so far they've contained their incompetence to mainly destroying us. Now they want to risk the lives of our armed forces in igniting an explosion of war(s) that could plant the seeds of our own destruction. This type of incompetence is beyond the comprehension of man. It is of a type that only rookies who think they're professionals are capable of embarking upon.

Libya? Really? With France in the lead? What could go wrong with that...

It is so obvious that this administration is merely reacting to events both domestic and foreign and the real thought about Libya should not be about their hypocrisy concerning Bush and Obama, that's shooting fish in a barrel, it should be exactly who didn't know what and when didn't they know it. 

It won't resolve anything, but it may help us to never make such a stupendous mistake in the future.