Sunday, November 05, 2006


Voters going back to Republicans in droves –
Pew Research Center

The narrowing of the Democratic lead raises questions about whether the party
will win a large enough share of the popular vote to recapture control of the
House of Representatives.
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Republicans are Freaks – Nancy Pelosi

In an interview from her Capitol office, Pelosi characterized Tuesday's vote as
a referendum on the war, shrugged off President Bush's efforts to make her
liberalism a national issue, described the current GOP leadership as a "freak
show," and expressed confidence about her party's prospects to pick up the 15
seats it needs for a majority.

CONSPIRACY!!!!! Poll workers might cheat – Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi cautioned that the number of Democratic House victories could be higher
or lower and said her greatest concern is over the integrity of the count --
from the reliability of electronic voting machines to her worries that
Republicans will try to manipulate the outcome.

"That is the only variable in this," Pelosi said. "Will we have an honest count?''

Zack Space is scared of something. His mouth?


Giving it up for Space!

Monday, October 30, 2006 WAIS 770 AM KOOK Radio gave a lesson in media bias. No half measures at this Kook station. On the morning "View Point" call in show, Sharon Elliott, moderator announced she was having a special guest at 9:45 for the last 15 minutes of the hour program. However, Elliott did not identify the guest. The guest turned out to be Zach Space, (D) running for 18th District U.S. House.

Most commercial radio stations with a pending interview with a major political candidate would promote the interview. A simple question is why would Elliott hide the identity of a guest and not promote his appearance. Simple answer is Elliott didn't want people who would challenge Space to call the program.

Once Space appeared he quickly gave a little stump speech then started taking phone calls. The lines were loaded with political friends. Space took three questions that came directly from his web sites talking points, and gave rehearsed answers.

Elliott then quickly stated that she knew Space was busy and had to leave. Elliott then said, "all you people on hold are not going to get to ask questions". Even though there was still nine minutes left in the program.

Elliott routinely belittles Joy Padgett (R), which is the republican candidate for this office. Before ending the program, Elliott said, I was really impressed with the questions the callers had for Zach Space.

I was really impressed with the Dog and Pony show. Dan Rather could take notes!

No surprise here. Zack continues to cut and run. And hide.

Thanks to NO KOOKS!

Sherrod Brown - Friend of Zack Space

Hey, Sherrod, got a doob?

Sherrod Brown on Values - Index

Posted by Matt Hurley for the T I B Network at 11:59 PM

Sherrod Brown's Record on Values:

Brown Voted At Least EIGHT Times Against Banning Partial-Birth Abortion.

Brown Voted At Least THREE Times To Allow Minors To Be Transported Across State Lines To Circumvent State Parental Consent Abortion Laws.

Brown Voted To Allow Distribution Of The Morning After Pill To Minors In Public Schools.

Brown Voted At Least THIRTEEN Times To Allow Abortions At American Overseas Military Facilities.

Brown Voted At Least NINE Times In Favor Of Funding Most Abortions In Federal Employees’ Health Insurance Plans.

Brown Voted At Least THREE Times Against Banning Physician-Assisted Suicide.
NOTE: Brown Did Vote Once To Ban Federal Funding for Assisted Suicide.

Brown Voted At Least SIX Times In Favor Of Human Cloning.

Brown Voted At Least THREE Times Against Fetal Protection Bills, Including The Unborn Victims Of Violence Act, Commonly Known As “Laci & Conner’s Law.”

Thanks to Weapons of Mass Discussion

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Licking County GOTV and Phone Banks

Republican Phone Banks

We need your help. Phone bank Located in Newark
32 N 3rd St., Newark, Ohio

We are looking for volunteers to come help make calls for an hour or two in the evenings

Sunday - November 5th
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Tuesday - November 7th

If you are interested, let me know. Heidi Harris will be coordinating this effort. 740-403-0482

Marc Dann - Friend of Zack Space

The final nail in the coffin for Marc Dann

Evidently Marc Dann is a sexist. Here's the email I received from Women for Betty:

I urge you to e-mail this message to several of your women friends. Yesterday I
had the opportunity to attend the debate between Betty Montgomery and her
opponent in the race for Attorney General at The City Club in Cleveland. While I
expected an interesting and possibly heated debate, I had no idea I would leave
the City Club feeling completely appalled by Marc Dann’s unbelievable sexist
comments.Marc Dann, running a wholly negative campaign, ran out of ideas and
decided to offend everyone at the debate with an outrageous story. Dann offered
up a piece of fiction in which he found his wife and her friends on chairs,
scared witless by a mouse. He then went on to compare Montgomery to his fat,
lazy cat. He botched the joke, because nobody was laughing.During the Q&A
session, an older gentleman stood to say that he had been highly offended by
Dann’s chauvinistic comments and asked Dann if he intended to bring that same
sexist attitude to the Attorney General’s office if he should be elected. The
gentleman, then asked Dann to clarify his sexist remarks. Dann replied with a
smirk, "I'm only repeating what I saw." The audience, fed up with Marc's
classless remarks, booed candidate Dann as the debate closed.Betty, when asked
by the moderator to respond said, "I am just speechless. All I can say is that I
wouldn't have been on a chair. I'd have been the first to get a broom."

There ya have it. If you honestly think Marc Dann is the right candidate for Attorney General, I am just speechless.

From Viking Spirit

Dems Do More than Steal Yard Signs

I thought about a long missive on stolen Blackwell and other Republican yardsigns in the frozen north but this email from Bob Bennett reveals even more stuff going on. If they are winning, they aren't acting like it.

Vandalism. Internet attacks. Infiltration. All signs of nervousness among
Democrats about the strength of our grassroots voter turnout programs.This week,
our headquarters was attacked twice. Our website was targeted by cyber-vandals.
And Democrat operatives illegally tried to infiltrate our voter turnout programs
in multiple counties.They're apparently frustrated because they know our
volunteer activity is breaking records, and our ability to turn out the vote on
Election Day has the potential to shatter polling leads.What will you do to help
in the final 72 hours of this campaign?

Get Out The Vote.

Get On the Phone

Ted Strickland = Tax Hike

Taxin Teddy!

A liberal bites back

MAJOR Democratic Slippage!

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Analyze the numbers. Thanks to the Strata-Sphere

Republicans move closer to victory nation wide as voters realize what the Democrats really don't stand for.

If you read the Sunday print Columbus Dispatch you know that all Republicans are going to lose. Of course, it may be that the once great Columbus Dispatch has become part the the main stream Democrat media. Maybe they think that their falling subscription numbers are just us crying Wolfe. They'd be right.

More here.

Iraqi's take to the streets

To be hanged - The Butcher of Bagdad - So Damned Insane

Iraqi people free to celebrate

New schools being built
2/3 of Iraq peaceful and working in a democratic way to form a nation
Water and electricity to towns that have never had utilities
Women are no longer chattel
A new ally for freedom in the Middle East
Iran boxed by a Democratic Iraq and Afghanistan

Zack Space, the MSM and Ramsey Clark all agree, run from Iraq. Run from success.

To enhance freedom, expand freedom.

Zack Space will cost you $4,000

How? By not making President Bush’s tax cuts permanent. By letting Charlie Rangle ignore families and refuse to hold necessary House hearings to keep the tax cuts.

Higher taxes = less jobs

Higher taxes = less purchasing power

By taking money away from Ohioans, the Democrats will cost Ohio more jobs and make it harder for you to go to the grocery store, pay for school supplies and meet your family needs.

You will have to cut things from your family budget.

Not the Democrats, because if you won’t or can’t pay the higher tax, they’ll take your house and put you in jail.

Do not vote for democrats