Thursday, July 26, 2007

Liberal Hate Machine Not New

The haters:

Allen Whitney Brown

Born in Charlotte, Michigan, Brown began his career as a street juggler and musician before finding regular employment as a comedian and comedy writer.
...But do I still support the individual men and women who have given
so much to serve their country?

No. I think they’re a bunch of idiots. I also think they’re morally

Wonkette site
In a stunning rocket, Rudy Jew-liani basically admitted that he doesn’t know anything at all about foreign policy — or maybe that he knows too much. In an interview with the Jew York Times, Rudy inavertendly revealed that the US has been fighting an entire extra war these last few years that only he knows about.
As reported by Jeff Jacoby
As in years past, Republicans were almost routinely associated with Nazi
Germany. Former Vice President Al Gore referred to GOP activists as "brown
shirts." Newsday columnist Hugh Pearson likened the Republican National
Convention to the "Nazi rallies held in Germany during the reign of Adolf
Hitler." Linda Ronstadt said that the Republican victory on Election Day meant
"we've got a new bunch of Hitlers." Chuck Turner, a Boston city councilor,
smeared National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice as "a tool of white leaders,"
like "a Jewish person working for Hitler."
Nina Totenberg
But this isn't the first time the NPR diva has publicly wished death on a
conservative. "I think he ought to be worried about what's going on in the Good
Lord's mind," she said of Senator Jesse Helms in 1995, "because if there is
retributive justice, he'll get AIDS from a transfusion, or one of his
grandchildren will."
Clint on his blog
Ding Dong, Jerry’s dead. Another evil son of a bitch who will hopefully
rot in hell.
On the 2004 elections
But do stay in touch after the borders slam shut. When you finally tire
of living on the modern, corporate plantations of Cargill, Tyson, ConAgra and
Smithfield; when you tire of shopping at Wal-Mart and sending your daughters to
sling hash at Denny's in hopes that they'll meet the nicer sort of truck driver;
when you tire of sneaking into Blue America as illegal white-trash wetbacks
eager for casual work dusting our parlors; and when, like men, you finally rise
up in rebellion against this immoral usury -- then, and only then, let us

We'll gladly get your backs. But first you must grow the brains and
the balls needed to profit from our help.

This is just a sampling, but the loving reason of liberals just goes on and on.

WAL-MART Masturbation Pool in Massachusetts

Woman Banned For Life From WAL-MART... Please Dear God, my wife?

Florida jury convicts inmate for masturbating in jail cell... Nope, no relative. I checked.

Swimming Pool and Water Stolen From Yard... My boy IS home.

SHOCK: Teen charged with bestiality in Massachusetts... No family lives there. Phew!