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This is not a joke, but it is a travesty.

RICO Reid and America

Although the RICO Act can be used in many contexts, the statute is most easily understood in its intended context: the Mafia. In the context of the Maifa, the defendant person (i.e., the target of the RICO Act) is the Godfather.

Dems ordered to trash Bush on TV...

Campaigns and political parties often provide sample messages that
supporters can repeat in media appearances. The Democratic memo includes this
just-add-water message template for Democratic senators to propagate: “President Bush has proven beyond any doubt that he won’t listen to the Congress or the American people unless he is forced to. While some Senate Republicans might not want to change course in Iraq, it does not gives them the right to block an up or down vote on legislation supported by a majority of the Congress and the
American people.”

The memo says Senate Democrats are coordinating with their House
counterparts to produce an echo effect during floor speeches in the other
chamber. Under a section called, “Amplifying Our Message to Force a Change Of
Course in Iraq,” the memo gives this overview: --

“Senate Democrats will tape TV feeds and actualities back to their home
states.” --

“Outside groups will hold a 'call to action' event Tuesday night to
call on Republicans to end their Iraq filibuster.” --

“Iraq veterans will make visits to Senate offices asking Republican
Senators to allow an up or down vote on the Levin-Reed Amendment.” --

“Center for American Progress will live-blog the all night session.”

“Senate Democrats will conduct interviews on national cable and radio.”

“The Steering and Outreach Committee will release a video of Iraq
veterans and military families calling for a change of course in

Are we now obliged to call Reid Godfather?

Bill Batchelder For Speaker

Following Ohio politics is much easier if you know who to watch.

Watching Bill Batchelder shows you where the state, the GOP and conservatives should go. As Speaker, the direction will be clearer and very much a case of substance over style.

Matt at Right Angle has some very cool material on this very subject.

Bill Batchelder vs. Mark Wagoner: Who Would be the Best Speaker of the Ohio House?

If Strickland is the virus, Batchelder is the cure.Excellent work.

Harry's Pajama Party Nixed By Adults?

Red State runs down the facts.

Over Before It Begins
If there is a barely sentient parliamentarian in the Senate Republican
leadership, Sen. Harry Reid's (D-Searchlight) proposed all night debate over Iraq may be over before the moon rises. David Freddoso
has been examining the Senate rules and has discovered a tiny impediment to Reid's dream time debate. It's the notion of a quorum.

Read the rest...

Wisdom & Street Smarts

What is the difference between a violin and a fiddle?

The way it's spelled.

When home, father was father and mother was mother. When with friends they were mom and dad. My mother was reared in a good family from Virginia. My father married up.

I once used a vulgarity when speaking with my mother. Once. When I came to, dad was using all 4'11" of his body to pummel me while screaming that nobody insulted his wife, not even a *%&$#@g little *&%!%@ like me.

Recap, mother was mother and my dad grew up a "shrimp" on the streets of Akron. The bad side of the bad side of Akron.

Mother had wisdom and dad had street smarts. Both were very wise indeed.

A lot of living, when mixed with good reasoning, can produce extraordinary people.

My father grew up in a world of expected failure with his "gang" of Hunkies, Micks, Kikes and Darkies. He kept his "gang" together as best he could until his early death. He had navigated life by being the only one in his neighborhood to finish high school, completing college and Medical School. I remember visiting re-hab for the Hunkie and attending the opening of the Kikes own store with dad. I also remember watching my father weep uncontrollably at the funeral of the Mick and witnessing the defiance of physics as my father beat a man twice his size half to death for calling Darkie a nigger.

Darkness can create light in a person's life.

With my mother, father didn't swear, smoked his cigars elsewhere, danced with her like Fred Astaire, attended church, and worked himself to death for her and her children. Us. His sunshine. Though the street beast was always on watch and ready for action.

Sometimes people from good families go bad and sometimes good people rise above their Hell.
Loosing Your Balls Will Change Your Voice
July 11th, 2007

I will probably never get any awards for blogging or for beautiful
literature. First reason would be that I have done much
more talking than spelling in my life. I know a lot of very impressive
words. But it really takes away from the fun when I have to keep looking
back and forth at the dictionary. The second reason is that I refuse to
conform to todays requirements for political correctness. Its a disease.I wont
have any part of it. The third reason is that I treasure my
profanity, it makes me feel better. Its a shortcut to explaining just how
much I like or dislike something or someone. Some may think it’s classless
, some will say it shows a lack of imagination and education. Although I do
agree that it can get boring real quick like a Chris Rock concert. But
when used in place it serves a purpose.

And that purpose would be to defeat the enemy...

Read the rest, but beware. There is some strong language, but there is also a university of self education. There is also an honesty that is strikingly absent in our universities.

I know where Micky is coming from. The old been there, done that, but there's a whole lotta wisdom in street smarts.