Saturday, March 24, 2007

Teh Fugly

Presenting the "When ugly just isn't enough, we give you fugly" award.

When ugly just isn't enough.

Cleveland Hall on the Denison University campus is a beautiful old building much in vein of UVA architecture.

Cleveland Hall is also in the historic district of Granville which is a New England style village amongst the Welsh Hills in Ohio. Home and building owners in the historic district must get approval for all changes to the exterior of their structures from the village council to protect the historic nature of the village. Even air conditioning units are scrutinized, but some say the village council review board is inconsistent.

Boy, oh boy, did they prove it with the decision to approve this addition.

Above is a rendition of the all glass addition to Cleveland Hall.

Hoaglin's co-chair in the Higher Ground drive, civic volunteer Mary Jane
Armacost '62, also affirmed the importance of the Bryants' commitment,
emphasizing that the gift will preserve an important Denison landmark.

"Cleveland Hall is a defining structure on our campus skyline," Armacost
said. "It is on one of the major paths between the upper and lower campuses,
meaning students pass by it every day. Renovation will return it to its pristine
beauty and preserve it for future generations."

"Preserve", "pristine beauty"? Words have meaning which means someone doesn't know high school vocabulary or is purposely twisting the meaning of their statement by twisting the meaning of words.

Congratulation to the co-winners of the first Fugly.
Denison University and the Granville Village Council.

Chesarek-The Media Pisses Me Off II

I am reposting an earlier piece about Maj. William D. Chesarek with updates.

UPDATE 2 : From the Blue Star Chronicles:

There are so many stories like this that our press does not cover. Like this
or this one or this one or this one or this one. There are so many stories of heroism and valor on the part of our Soldiers. We rarely hear of it except on the blogs of those of us who have to go looking for the stories. The media certainly doesn’t cover it like they do the grandstanding of seditionists.

Beth at
My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy points out how this story is not in the
media. I saw a little blurb on it the other day and made an effort to find it on
the internet so I could write about it. I couldn’t find anything. I finally ran
across an article
Beth had written about it.

She has some suggestions on how to get the story more wide-spread coverage in the main stream media.
Please go check out her suggestions.

There are a few other people posting on this - please help get the word out. As Beth said, there needs to be a firestorm over it. You can help. Put a post on your blog. Here are a few already posting this story.
Invincible Armor, Errant
Thoughts from a Disquieted Mind

The Marine Corp News, Multi-National Forces
Bumped Up and Reposted:

I found this article at Errant Thoughts from a Disquieted Mind via the ever lovely seejanemom and it is making my blood boil.

Let one terrorist insurgent get a hangnail and the media gets their shorts in a bunch and demands answers about how our soldiers became so vicious, mean and insufferable constitution and human rights bashers.

Anything negative is just fine and dandy with them. If it concerns our troops. Anything positive is only news if it is positive news about our enemies and their supporters here in America. But, good news about our soldiers?

No f'ing way that is going to get printed. Maj. William D. Chesarek, who is a hero, received the highest British military honor for his actions in Iraq supporting British troops. I hadn't heard this. I googled it and this is what I got;

View all web results for William-D-Chesarek
and Stripes
Major receives Distinguished Flying Cross at Buckingham - 16 hours agoWilliam D. Chesarek Jr., during an Investiture
Ceremony held at Buckingham Palace, here March 21. Chesarek, an AH-1W Super
Cobra helicopter pilot, ...Queen Elizabeth honors US Marine helicopter pilot
Stars and Stripesall 53 news articles »

One news article from No other media. The Queen of England pinned the British Distinguished Flying Cross on his chest and we hear nada, zippo, zero about it.

I didn't find this story and I hadn't written about it, so go HERE to read about what makes America great, people like Major William D. Chesarek, Jr.