Thursday, February 28, 2008

Obama VS McCain

Since everybody seems to be projecting to November from February...

Got A Call From Hillary Last Night

Well, at least from her "Central Ohio" campaign reminding all Ohio voters that Hillary understands us, knows us and loves us and to vote next Tuesday to show that Ohio supports Hillary.

The automated call came from Northern Virgina. 703 637-9323.

Rats Abandoning USS 1st 'Black' President Ship

Bill Clinton, the first 'black' president is speaking to small groups in small towns from the back of small trucks and looks very small indeed.

The libs are circling their wagons. Bloomberg says (seriously) that he isn't running. Minorities, women and others are seeing Hillary Rodham Clinton as a drag.

It appears that the anchor line to the pier is beginning to fill with super delegates who are deciding whether ship or shore will better butter their bread.

John Lewis Switches Support To Obama
Georgia Congressman John Lewis told WSB-TV Channel 2’s Monica Pearson Wednesday that he is switching his support from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama.

Loyalty and keeping you word, they're beautiful things, aren't they.