Saturday, November 21, 2009

Harry Reid's Shell Game To Thwart The Will Of The People

NRO has a piece explaining how Harry Reid can screw the people and throw his personal ethics down a hole

Tomorrow night at 8 p.m., the Senate will vote on a “Motion to Proceed.” If Senator Reid succeeds in getting 60 votes allowing the debate to proceed, then that is a filibuster-proof majority. This could very well clear the way for Reid to employ other procedural moves that allow him to substitute his massive bill into another shell bill and call for a vote on final passage, which requires only 51 votes to succeed. In other words, success on the Motion to Proceed would open up the opportunity for Reid to force a vote on health-care reform before any pro-life amendments or substitute bills could be offered.

Reid knows his bill hasn't a chance of passing unless he uses backroom tactics such as described above and, as reported in the press, that Landrieu accepted an outright bribe to get her yes vote tonight.

Personally, I wonder how Reid can sleep at night knowing that he is ushering through the largest abortion bill ever. He states that he is pro-life, which flies in the face of what he is attempting. He must love power more than he loves his God. Just like Pelosi. Both, hypocrites.