Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Harry Reid Thinks About Sex. A Lot.

What a letch.

Reid: GOP is 'making love to Wall Street'

Harry and his son do make money from bad sex.

David Obey, Mr Progressive, Quits

David Obey, a follower of Robert "case of the nerves" La Follette, is calling it quits. A blue state flu appears to have broken out in DC which causes one to hope that there is no vaccine.

David Obey won't seek reelection

As a Progressive, Obey has sponsored and championed some of the most onerous legislation enlarging government power and control while lessening individual and business rights.


Bin Laden is in DC!

Osama Bin Laden Not in Iran, More Likely in D.C.

He'd fit right in. How much better could he hide than amongst arrogant politicians with Napoleonic complexes bent on ramming down our throats policy that we don't want and increasingly call for civil penalties for voicing opposition? Hell, he may be leading Congress.