Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Irani Rocket Man

The first photo is "the rocket" that soars above balloons and beneath space that the Irani's say they launched. Unfortunately, it is actually an American anti-ballistic missile being launched in the California desert in 2004.
The second photo is reportedly the actual rocket.

Consumer Confidence Gains in February

Personally I blame Bush. Not that Pelosi, Murtha, Reid and Schumer haven't done everything they promised kos they'd do. Nor the fact the mere presence of legislative genius on their part has lifted the spirit of each and every citizen in America.

As the Democrats bask in their election knowledge that America threw the Republicans out of office in a landslide of anti-war defeatism, Pelosi and Reid have beamed their pleasure to that 17% minion.

Otherwise, without that certainty, how could the Democrat(ic) leadership sink back into corruption so quickly?


If it's jeans, well then, I blame that on that Texas Bush as well.