Sunday, May 20, 2007

Jimmy Carter, Worst President. Let His Words Speak For Him

Jimmy Carter, pot calling the kettle black and other useless thoughts about of the most worthless man to ever occupy the Oval Office.

Liar, plagiarizer, anti-Semite and terror apologist.

Carter’s new book belongs in fiction

December 17, 2006 Jimmy Carter has written a dreadful book about Palestine and
turned himself into the next thing to a shill for terrorists.

Carter as the Mufti proof reader and apologist.

Carter's Protocols have already, and quickly, found enough readers to make
it a best-seller. But Professor Kenneth W. Stein is not buying. Stein, an associate of Carter's for some 23 years, has now disassociated himself from Carter, citing the book's "factual errors" and "glaring omissions" and "invented segments." Stein adds
that the book's "one-sided nature" is "meant to provoke."

For some time, word circulated about a certain ex-president who actually
helped Yasser Arafat write his speeches in order to polish that mass murderer
into a more presentable figure for the American people. Americans couldn't
stomach Arafat's own kampf to "drive the Jews into the sea," so Jimmy Carter, it
was said, changed that - only the words, not the intent - to, "We want peace."

Many of us found that hard to believe about an ex-president "who builds
homes," and it is still difficult to prove, but now, with this book, we can
believe anything. The unintended subliminal message from the pages of this
updated Mein Kampf is that, with people like Jimmy Carter on the prowl, the need
for a strong Israel, supported by righteous Jews and true Christians, is more
urgent than ever.

That we Americans survived a man like this as president says much for the
strength of our country. Yes, we survived and so will Israel.

If you can't read Carter's book, read his lips, as I did on C-Span.

The man is an anti-Semite.

Outright lies by Carter to support his racist/terrorist subhumans

Page 197: Confessions extracted through torture are admissible in Israeli courts.

Under Israeli criminal procedures when a person claims that his confession was extracted via torture, a "trial-within-a-trial" is immediately held (in Hebrew mishpat zuta) in which the prosecution must prove that torture or other illegitimate means were not used. If the prosecution is unable to disprove claims of torture the confession is thrown out. In addition, if it appears that other illegal means short of torture were used, the confession can be admitted, but only if the court finds that the interrogation did not prejudice the defendant’s free will. (See for example, The Right to a Fair Trial, D. Weissbrodt and R. Wolfrum, eds., Springer, 1997.) See more
details here.

Don't like Jews, join Jimmy's brigade of anti-Semites and don't forget to blame the Zionists.

'Too many Jews'

Posted: January 27, 20071:00 a.m. Eastern

"Too many Jews."

That was the comment former President Jimmy Carter scrawled on a memo
suggesting prospective members of the board of the Holocaust Memorial Council.

"Too many Jews."

That was the problem Carter saw with the names suggested by Monroe Freedman, executive director of the council, he revealed in a stunning interview with WND's Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein this week.

Jimmy Carter may have Alzheimer's. He may just be stupid, because he is not ignorant. Jimmy Carter is probably just an anti-Semite, being the God fearing, bible thumping Baptist he is.

Shouldn't this scare his com padres at kos, this religious thing mixing with politics? Nah, they share the hate and the stupidity that makes their "religious" input acceptable. At least to them.

Carter's love for Yasser Arafat, unnatural in its self, is based on a shared love of National Socialism as practiced by Yasser's uncle when helping the Nazis and Sadaam's modeling of the Baathist Party.

I believe that Jimmy Carter should be charged with theft, because he steals, everyday, oxygen that could be used by authentic human beings.

British member of Parliament Lord Andrew Phillips

Lordy, Lordy, Lord Phillips. I guess you just don't think we can all be peers. Pretty snobby for a socialist. Pretty socialist for a Peer. Oh wait, you're a post WWII Baron. Uncle Joe and all, what.

“To hell with the Americans, frankly...”

“The roadmap has been a roadmap to nowhere. We have done absolutely nothing and the despair within Palestine, the sense of betrayal that they feel towards us in particular, the double standards and hypocrisy that they think we’re guilty of and which if I’m absolutely honest I can share that sensation.”

“I was impressed with Mr Haniyeh. He’s a moderate, he‘s doing his best, but he has no traction on that situation without legitimacy and some sign that the West takes him and his government seriously.”

Appears Andy, as a board member of BICC, may have some other reasons to dislike America in the Middle East.

About The British Iranian Chamber of Commerce

The BICC was created to develop trade, investment and business between the UK and Iran. It is the only body that exists solely to forward these aims and works closely in their achievement with its counterpart chamber in Iran (the Irano-British Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines). BICC’s Board has unrivalled experience of Iran and its business culture. BICC provides:

• business networking for Members, through meetings and events but also as
specifically requested
• a mechanism for promoting change in general UK/Iran trade and investment
• business information on the two way economic relationship
• travel support services

You may be considering how to start your business activities in Iran; you
may already do business with Iran, but want to take stock or you may need
assistance in resolving a problem; you may want to find Iranian partners; you
may need assistance with government procedures; or you may wish to make new
contacts in government or business. If any of these propositions strikes a cord
in your mind why not talk to BICC for a fresh and informed view. Our aim is to
help you make significant progress with your business in Iran.

For over 340 years Parliament has proven the best reason for America's existence. Andy, who is on leave of absense as a lifetime peer, is a Sahib socialist for terrorists. Beats having to work for a living.

Frankly, to hell with Andy.

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