Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of the Union

President Bush spoke eloquently about Iraq and the War on Terror this evening. I applaud him.

Also, I reverently hope that someone supplies Speaker Pelosi with dental floss. Throughout most of the speech it appeared she was desperately trying to use her tongue to clear a bit of calamari from her teeth. I hope her well with this, because it was ugly and needs to be rectified. for her.

The democrats seemed relaxed. They sat on their ass even when the President spoke of freeing nations and lowering the pain of those people. It is so good they are comfortable.

To enhance freedom we must spread freedom.

Unfortunately, we have to listen to an absolutely posionous little Jimmy Webb reply to the President's State of the Union address.

Webb is a moron. an absolute moron. moron in terms of being so egotistical that he actually believes he isn't a moron.

Others will write pablum that the President wasn't up to it tonight. I will disagree. I think it was one of his finest speeches.


Webb is on.

Iraq: proper conclusion? What is it?.
Economy: unbalanced

He presumes.



and speaks of America's past heroes as if they would agree with him.

Now Webb is saying if President Bush doesn't agree with him, Webb will "Show him the way" out of office?

Webb, you're now a maitre 'd? I worked in many a restaurant. I think you're a busboy at best.



Barry Gibbs bought Johnny Cash's home

Karma - When the wife puts the brothers Gibbs on and I coincidently find this news item from 2006.

Fate - I'm going to the "store". now

Shouldna never ougtta happen