Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Who Knew Obama? Not Me. Not Thee.

The electorate chose the Cracker Jack candidate. Now let's hope the prize inside isn't a stinker.

Or just a cheap facsimile.


Prop 8 As A Prop For Victimhood

via Have Coffee Will Write

I don't read Randy Andy Sullivan and his daily dish of aging Pan endemic and the necessity of the world to bow to what he believes is inevitable. It's a little like giving a great aunt the platform of Thanksgiving dinner to once again attempt to prove that identifying criminals by secret license plates would have prevented that ghastly man from approaching her to do who knows what back when she was on the fast track to become President of the Coals To Newcastle Debate Club. It ruins the dinner.

Dissents Of the Day
So, just to help you think about this a little more clearly: Prop 8 stands for the idea that we could put on the ballot tomorrow the question of whether Catholics could marry. We could also put on the ballot the question of whether someone with HIV could vote or own property. We could put on the ballot the question of whether Mexican catholics can be discriminated against in housing or employment.

Or, perchance, preventing activists from sullying good traditions by twisting logic onto its ear to achieve what they otherwise could not.

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If Proposition 8 is allowed to stand, who do they come for next?

Eternal victimhood status for all coming to your life courtesy of a persecuting society!