Thursday, January 07, 2010

Kissed By A Guardrail

Went to the grocery store (had to, buy one, get one free). Store was packed. People acting like health care reform passed or that the apocolypse, but I digress, were upon us.

Driving home some genius moron talking on his cell phone, manipulating world currencies and driving too fast had to lock up his breaks to avoid hitting a number of us driving conservatively. Two of us got lightly tapped by said genius. I slowly went around on the snow and ice and tapped a guardrail. The other, in a Prius, got the inside guardrail with a lot of damage.

Genius drove on so I geared back up in four wheel drive and caught up with him at a stop light 2 miles down the road. Called the Patrol and gave them the model and color of the van he was driving along with the license plate number. I told them he was still chatting on his phone and was asked if there were any other identifying things about the van that I could see.

I smiled and started reading his bumper stickers off. Gore, Kerry, Hillary, Obama, Arms are for hugging, and many others. My favorite though was No Peace/No Justice - Know Peace/Know Justice.

The Patrol was on him like white on rice. Know justice, know peace.