Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Note Of Thanks

I have made some friends here since I started Invincible Armor. We're not exactly drinking buddies, but every morning I check in to see their thoughts. And throughout the day.

I know they have become friends in my mind because if I don't see their words I worry that maybe something might be wrong if they haven't posted.

Some are young, some not so young, but none are as juvenile as me. Some have great experience and some gain experience or more experience each day.

Some are new. (er)

Enough said.

Thanks to these people that make my life brighter each and every day.

seejanemom I am in love with C. Jane, but with her Hunky Husband and my Italian wife, well, you know. She is a critical thinker..

Tom Blogical He has a unique view of the world, but enough with real life Tom, blog more. Now. Please..

Bob Asgard This guy married up and his children are the better for it. Through living, together, they whisper America ..

Sniper One The man is business. But he can't hide his heart..

Bloodthirsty Liberal I hate love this site. If I ever write as well it will be by accident. If not for their headlines I'd worry about their seriousness. I am honored to be on their roll and don't know how I got there..

Dinah Lord She'd crush Barbara and Laura Bush in an intellectual WWF tag-team. By herself..

Ben Keeler Ben is Ben and with him I'd drink a beer. I don't really even like beer, but I would with Ben. He's good people..

Jeff Goldstein If he knew how good he is, like we do, well watch out. Writing, thought and humor. It don't get no better and I can say that because I learned grammer from Jeff..

Right Wing Champ As seejane said, he linked to me with no notice. That's class. He is a must read..

Webutante A breath of fresh air. A true lady. Those in the know know what a compliment that is..

Jonn Lilyea He knows where Hell is, writes smart, writes deep and well and has been so incredibly good to me. I hope I deserve it because this boy don't pass out favors..

There are others, but the above were firstest with the mostest in my mind. I will have others to thank in the future.

To all of you, thank you.

Read you tomorrow. Morning.