Friday, December 04, 2009

Climate Change Prostitution

Climate change proponents are swarming to Copenhagen. The prostitutes are waiting with open arms.

Both work. Both promise satisfaction. Both fake it.

Gropenhagen Conference

Prostitutes Offer Free Climate Summit Sex

Copenhagen's city council in conjunction with Lord Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard sent postcards out to 160 Copenhagen hotels urging COP15 guests and delegates to 'Be sustainable - don't buy sex'.

"Dear hotel owner, we would like to urge you not to arrange contacts between hotel guests and prostitutes," the approach to hotels says.

Now, Copenhagen prostitutes are up in arms, saying that the council has no business meddling in their affairs. They have now offered free sex to anyone who can produce one of the offending postcards and their COP15 identity card, according to the Web site

On the bright side, at least for Obama, Gore and groups like SEIU, at least there's another union, prostitutes, they can enlist in their effort.