Wednesday, January 06, 2010

'There Were A Number Of Things He Was For On The Campaign Trail"

Pelosi finally gets it? She gets that Emanuel Axlerod Wright Ayers Obama may have told a few fibs from Chicago to Peoria?

Who says hope and change aren't afoot in America?

Nancy Pelosi takes swipe at President Obama's campaign promises
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, piqued with White House pressure to accept the Senate health reform bill, threw a rare rhetorical elbow Tuesday at President Barack Obama, questioning his commitment to his 2008 campaign promises.

A leadership aide said it was no accident.

No, I don't believe it was an accident.

In fact, Pelosi the peace maker and most transparent person on the hill, just fired a bow shot over the USS(R) Obama which now makes it a civil war. Moscow on the Potomac style. Washington on the Moskva.

Pelosi on Obama. Obama on Pelosi.