Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Progressives Hate To Love Sarah Palin

They're obsessed with her like little boys who love the teacher they swear to their friends they hate.

She's sooo un-American. (Swoon)

She's dumb. (Heart throbbing)

To show how much they can't stand the teacher they hiss lies to their friends about her.

She wanted to ban books. (Ummmm)

Her husband is a traitor just like daddy sez. (Help me daddy, she's so hot)

She was a beauty queen. (Sweet Jesus help me cause daddy can't)

She was just a small town mayor. (I can't help myself)

She quit being Governor because she's a quitter. (Too late cause I'm gone. She's just like me)

Unfortunately, these little kids grow up to be bitter.

They're bitter about Sarah Palin because they're scared of her just like the teacher. Their scared of their friends laughing at them if they knew what they really thought. Little kids can be cruel like that.

These people are fun to watch, which is wrong. One shouldn't laugh at those with problems, even ones they brought on themselves.