Thursday, September 17, 2009

Obama Betrays Poland On 70th Anniversary Of Soviet Invasion

After winning 57 states in the last election Obama is feeling invincible. So invincible that while shoving Socialism down our throats, he is releasing Socialist Russia to drive our international policy to their wishes and against Eastern Europe and the United States.


Makes announcement on 70th anniversary of Soviet invasion...

Poland, who defied the Communist Soviet Union and the Socialist Nazis in WWII, defied the Soviet Union again in the 1980's until the Soviet Iron Curtain fell.

Between the taking of their lands by the Soviets, the horrendous slaughter, organized rape and the 100s of thousands of Poles sent to concentration camps and gulags in Russia, the Poles have learned to have a long memory of the betrayal and deceit used against them.

Polish Prime Minister Refuses To Take Hillary's Call...

The soviet government hiding in the closets of Putin and Medvedev has shown what it will do with impunity.

McCOTTER: Russia's invasion of Georgia - Washington Times

Georgia forced to accept a Russian occupation

Obama has proven himself to be a pretty dim bulb, but this type of betrayal is beyond my imagination, especially given the history of Russia, its Soviet horrors and Putin. President G. W. Bush said he had looked in Putin's eyes and saw that he could be trusted. Fortunately, Bush came to his senses and moved to protect Poland and the Czech Republic from not only Iran and North Korea, but also Russia.

Now, Obama has screwed the nuclear pooch concerning North Korea and Iran and has knuckled under to the real power in Russia, Putin.

President Lech Walesa and President Ronald Reagan both are weeping at not only this betrayal, but also the sheer incompetence of the current administration. Until it is replaced, America will continue to lose influence for the good and the respect of our allies.

What is there to trust now?

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