Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dream Act: Democrats Didn't Learn A Thing In 2010 Elections

First, they re-elect their leadership in Congress. I guess they should be given a pass on Pelosi. She's scary in a very scary Baltimore street thug way of being scary. Kinda like re-electing Chavez or any Castro.

Now they want to increase their voter base through the Dream Act using "fairness" and "reform" in the chorus of their mantra which they believe if sung very nicely that voters either will agree or be lulled by the tune. Maybe they hope that the language alone will make it not understandable. 2, 000 page of Congressian is less understandable than Opera in Italian.

The bottom line is that the Dream Act is a cynical act to create a new generation of Democrat voters who the Democrats hope to bribe with this legislation. The Dream Act is a horrible act and Democrats should be embarrassed and shamed.

They haven't learned a thing and need to be further reminded in 2012. That is if Republicans do the job they were elected to do. If they act like Democrat lite then 2012 could be a nightmare for all involved.