Saturday, February 28, 2009

America Hoodwinked

Just got back from getting lumber. While out I kept flipping through talk shows because everybody was yelling.

At the lumber store they had a local station on, but I was busy planning and didn't really listen until checkout. A contractor was talking to the owner about the difference in their presidential votes. As the owner started defending Obama I thought the place was going to come apart. Unmentionable words started flying, especially concerning the stimulus - nonstimulus- bill. Being a peacemaker, I just said, "How about those bailouts?" and remembered that I still needed to look at underlayments in the back.

Back in my car, I went through the dial to get a sampling of opinions. Everyone was still yelling, not just the host. I dialed in Newark, Columbus, Dayton, the Big Red in Cincy and Pittsburgh. They all had one thing in common. Every time anyone tried to defend the Obama, Pelosi and Reid people got angry. One guy in Pittsburgh tried to say that we should give Obama more time, but received a tongue lashing from another guy who just had to lay off 5 people because his customers are scared to death because of the anointed one's rhetoric and crap programs.

At home I mentioned this to my wife who pointed out rather sharply, "They allowed themselves to be hoodwinked. Their bad. Hopefully it won't kill our country."

Hoodwinked by a looking pretty fast talking rookie from corruption land. Yep, that about wraps it up.

Dear God, please help us.