Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hey Geithner, It's A Privilege You Get To Serve Us So Do Us The Privilege Of Shutting Up!

Turbo Tax Timmy couldn't pay his taxes, but wants people to pay more. In logic so twisted even Timmy looks to be in disbelief.

"That’s the kind of balance you need," said Geithner. "Why is that the case? Because if you don't try to generate more revenues through tax reform, if you don't ask, you know, the most fortunate Americans to bear a slightly larger burden of the privilege of being an American, then you have to -- the only way to achieve fiscal sustainability is through unacceptably deep cuts in benefits for middle class seniors, or unacceptably deep cuts in national security."

Well, we know just how much this administration is dedicated to national security, but how much deeper can they really cut the military? Middle class seniors? Really? Their polls must see a real slump there. So, that leaves the rest of us because they are going to raise taxes on everyone, especially farmers and other small business owners.

Privilege? Our forefathers gave us the privilege we enjoy today, not government and they would tell pansies like Little Timmy to do them and us the privilege of just shutting up.