Monday, May 16, 2011

Are Conservatives Racists?

No. Are liberals racist? I believe their soft bigotry of low expectations is racism, but none of my liberal friend are racist. At least not openly.

CNN Anchor: Are Conservatives Angry About Common’s White House Appearance Because He’s Black?

Because he's black? Come on people you can do better than that. Can't you? I mean, if we don't like this administration's policies, we're racist. If we criticize proposed legislation, we're racists. If I don't like Bluegrass am I an elite who thinks less of those from Appalachia? No.

LibProgs are upping the ante now by throwing around the word "nigger" as if we own it, but we don't. They do. It is apparent they will use blacks and people of color as pawns and bait for what they want.

It's not very creative because new media outs them at every turn. It's really kind of sad. But old dogs have a hard time learning new tricks and they have gotten very old literally and figuratively.

No, conservatives are not racist, but for those that want to revisit political history, votes and the blatant racism of luminaries such your progressive President Woodrow Wilson, we can do that dance again. As many times as you want. It helps to remind voters of the two major political parties in the United States of America of who LibProgs really are. It would also give us a chance to add economics into the mix. Presently, I don't think they want that discussion to happen at all.

All this talk of racism and other forms of hatred Lib/Progs keep throwing out might be from their guilt of being so ugly and hateful during the Bush years.