Monday, April 04, 2011

Obama 2012!

Iraq - still
Afghanistan - still
Gitmo - a growing concern - possible pool house addition
Balanced Budget - not so much
Trillions added to debt - very much
Health Care Reform - deformed
Libya - you betcha
Housing collapse - came crashing down
Unlimited employment - limited employment
Tax the rich big - uh, no, needs them for billion dollar campaign
No more capital gains on small business - no need, most small business gone
International tax haven watch list - known as the member list for the Committee to Reelect Obama
Stop foreclosures - oops
Union help - bribery almost complete
Government efficiency - huh?
Better energy policy - gas $4
Middle class assistance - assisted middle class onto welfare and unemployment
High speed rail - kinda stalled at the station
Special advisor on violence against women - hired 3 violent women to war on Libya

He made 510 promises all told. Thankfully, most haven't happened, will be repealed or will never happen.