Monday, April 04, 2011

The Perfect Storm Our Fearless Leaders Have Created For US

The perfect storm has been building for decades as government grows larger, more powerful and less effective, as unions invade our public sector, as private enterprise is ridiculed and Americans who cherish life and liberty turned their eyes in hopes it would all go away. Each year workers expected more and more for less and less. Each year students have been taught how evil our country is. Each year the government supports failure in economic terms that are staggering. Each year the news we receive is less and less tethered to reality. Each year government found another entitlement. Each year government spent more and more. Each year government told us it was going to be fine because they were here to protect every facet of America. Each year, they all lied and took and never gave back. Yes, a perfect storm has been created.

So, Obama has single handedly created our recovery. Rejoice all ye blind supporters and economists, but I repeat myself. Our fearless reporters, at least those that can tear themselves away from manning the bollocks, will speak of the great unknown we are emerging from into the glowing unknown we are entering and how wonderful it all will be.

Union members are in for a rough row. They will win a few court battles to regain some turf and they may win some state referendums to overturn legislation that actually puts them more on par with the private sector and, gasp, holds them accountable. All the tens, possible hundreds, of millions they will spend will further weaken them and hasten their demise because unions represent all that has become wrong in our economy. They are the tip of the storm. The perfect storm.

Tepid, at best, job growth is with no income increase, in fact, lowered income for those not working for government and unions which are becoming the same thing. AFSCME alone has 3,500 local unions spread across 46 states that gave $87.5 million split between Democrats and Republicans 98:1 respectively. They all got raises above the national norm and have almost ironclad job protection. Not so amongst workers in the private sector.

Job growth is trying to occur in an economy that is deeply in debt with more debt, and the incredible interest on that debt, growing each day. That means our workers are working for China and other countries that own our debt and to exacerbate the problem, 40 cents of every dollar spent by the federal government is borrowed. Probably from China. Our enemy. China, a country that wants our wealth, but will not abide our liberty and freedom because a slave master doesn't like those things. Our new master will also dictate jobs, growth or no growth, and how much salaries will be allowed.

Also part of our perfect storm is our future. All the protected teachers and professors are training their students, not for entrepreneurship, manufacturing, invention and other basic necessities of our economy, but for  standing in line for jobs that only illegal immigrants will fill.

Yes, every Pierpont Watson Willowpoint III will look forward to utilizing that degree for standing in line for a deep frying position that he will lose out for by someone named Pablo. I wonder if Pierpont's living trust will have clauses pertaining to employment as a necessity for Pierpont's annual withdrawal from the trust? I do hope his worsted wool doesn't retain the malodor of Harry Reid's great unwashed.

There are so many factors in a perfect storm. These are but a few that undermine our hopes and dreams. Others, such as liberals in congress that spout studies made up by union protected workers in an attempt to stop any cuts to their pet reelection programs such as bridges to nowhere. And there are others that actually are beginning to publicly say that they want to undermine our way of life by undermining our economy with socialism.

It is a perfect storm of historic stupidity and it may be the ruin of us all.