Saturday, June 11, 2011

Troopathon 2011

via Zilla of the Resistance

Please join this effort to remind our nation of what makes us great and, most important now, to support our troops and to let them know we care for them and their vital mission.

Move America Forward has compiled care packages that contain goods our troops need and cannot get -- as a way of saying "thank you" for their sacrifices and courage.
You can show your gratitude by sending one to the troops. Each care package will include a personal message written by you where you can express your gratitude to our military.
Move America Forward is a 501(C)3 so all care package donations are tax deductible.
Contribute here
Once again I am captaining a team of contributors: "The Anti-Jihadists"! If you're a blogger, please join our team! Let's take the big prize for largest contribution amount this year! Joining the competition is easy. Simply e-mail MAF Blogger Danny ( to get placed on a team and obtain the correct link to the care packages.

Try to remember those nights when there was nothing but silence and you started thinking about your life and wondered if there were others that shared your dreams and doubts. Your package can set a soldier's mind at peace and allow him or her to focus on the task at hand. Do it now before you get busy somewhere else.