Saturday, June 11, 2011

Demo Whiners: Weiner Is Sick And Needs To get Well

Yeah, bad judgment, really arrogantly bad judgment, is an illness that can be fixed with medicine and, no doubt, talking it out with a $300 per hour shrinko-expert? Weiner is not a pervert, you see, he's a sick person. He's not a power hungry moron who actually thought he was bullet proof, no; he has an illness that needs treatment. He is not a total punk jerk; he is actually just a person crying out for help with his inner-demons (now that he has been caught).

Really? This is the defense Team LibProg is offering?

If so, how about those LibProg sickos that question and then project wordy images about Sarah Palin's personal sex life ranging from supposedly titillating exposes about her or her husband's affairs or the birth of one of her children? Do those LibProgs need help? I think so and on many levels, but no "legitimate" "journalist", blogger, or other sad sap tool of the left will ever even approach this subject except to ridicule.

Weiner is a pervert. Not because he has an addiction, but because he is a pervert. As a pervert he is unfit for any public or private position of power or influence. He is unfit for any position that includes association with potential victims, which for Weiner means pretty much any other human being on the face of the planet.

He doesn't need to get well; he needs to be thrown out of the United States Congress. Now.

The left has unwired itself from what is really important and they are now simply protecting one of their royalty. Throw all of them out.