Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bringing A Knife To A Gunfight

Dropping the beer summit ploy Obama is going to play golf with Boehner to hopefully iron out their differences. Obama doesn't know Boehner if he thinks a bit of schmoozing is going to change Boehner's beliefs. So the foursome is set.

Boehner is bring John Kasich, governor of Ohio, as his golf/chat partner. Who is Obama bringing?


What Obama thought he needed a caddy?

Furthermore, Obama should be trounced by Boehner in golf as well as politics, but to pit Biden against Kasich (in anything) is downright cruel. In a gunfight Biden would be the grinning fool standing there with a butter knife. In a debate putting Biden up on a stage with Kasich would be like forcing a pudgy pimply faced fool to do the chore. In madras shorts. A Three Stooges shirt. Picking his nose.

In fairness, for this gunfight Obama should be allowed a ringer for Biden. And himself. Both armed to the teeth. With full automatics. In an ambush. Just to make it fairer.