Thursday, April 21, 2011

Obama 2012 - Cope And Strange

Obamatrons are already pumping out slogans such as "Together we thrive", but I don't think they're going to buy much. This time voters know who Obama is or, more importantly, who Obama isn't so instead of slogans, social media and such, Obama's handlers should follow the successful Democrat tradition. Buy votes. They seem to be on this path as they tout a billion dollar campaign budget for Obama's reelection.

Another tactic might be honesty. Yes, I am aware this is a little used device in campaigning, but the shock value might be enough to get him reelected by an electorate that has been obviously willing to try anything like, say, an unknown community organizer with questionable academic credentials, degrees and background.

The whole Hope and Change thing hasn't exactly worked out, but we, as nonpartisans, should all lend a hand to our president in his quest help all of us to maintain a mantle of low expectations as an odd reason to keep him around. For my part I say spend more, a lot more, than a billion dollars and find a catchier campaign slogan like "Cope and Strange."