Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is Wisconsin's Kloppenburg Saying Minnesota's Dead Union Votes For Al Franken Went To Prosser?

Ann Althouse is having fun with the "recount" in Wisconsin and with JoAnne Kloppenburg's accusations of Republican wrongdoing by correcting a mistake and reporting the actual vote. According to Kloppenburg, this is just not acceptable in Wisconsin. And she has a long list to make it so.

Her list of things that "raise significant questions" about the process in
Waukesha felt long, but what is really on it?
a one-and-a-half day delay in notifying any responsible party about
a county vote total that [the clerk] knew was incorrect

the absence of any reasonable basis for her explanations

the prior knowledge by conservative bloggers

the complete absence of knowledge by the canvass
board until the press conference
It sounded like big list, but there are only 4 items. And 2 of the items are the absence of
anything. An absence of evidence might be probative of something that
matters, but you have to build a foundation for why it matters.

It's sad when one has their own device used against them, especially when it appears they are unable to see the irony. The question is not whether there are fraudulent votes that were cast in Wisconsin, there most probably were some, but who those votes were for.

I'd blame Bush, but that has gotten old even for those on the far left so I'm going with funny boy Franken as the guy to blame because if there weren't enough fraudulent votes for Kloppenburg it's because Franken and Friends (Inc.) weren't paying enough. Dead voters today just don't understand.