Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Liberal Trickle Down - We're Being Monitored By Unions

Government now equals union. Actually I think it the other way around as unions are bureaucrats and bureaucrats are the government with a few bothersome entities such as the executive branch (not really a current problem), the legislative branch and the judiciary. All three of these encumbrances are run by and maintained by bureaucrats.

Our "security" is maintained by the unionized TSA. Our children are taught by unions. Our cars are not only built by, but are also owned by unions. Unions fight our fires, police our streets and doctor our sick. Unions, under the protection of the legislative and judicial branches, build our houses, install and maintain the plumbing, electrical, gas and and the truckers that deliver all the materials.

There is little that unions do not control. Hell, even some whores are unionized.

Now, we, the taxpayer is paying to make sure we do not denigrate these people that control our lives.

Federal Government Objects To One Of My Tweets

In the story above the article speaks about an agency of the United States government that tracks tweets as to rebut information they deem wrong. An agency of the federal government that is unionized. (Were the Berrigan brothers unionized?) They are using an individual short link url for each person they contact which allows them to track who they are tweeting which in turn allows them to track individuals down the line. We all know that unions and government are paragons of virtue and would never catalogue or share information so there is no possibility that we now, all of us, reside in some data bank for future use.