Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Chris Dodd "B" Senator To Act As Hollywood In DC

With the $1.2 million salary maybe he can afford to pay his mortgage like the rest of us.

Dodd to be Hollywood's top man in Washington

Instead of cucumber sandwichs being served at events the K Street lobby will institute Kennedy Dodd nibbles for all congressional events. In honor of his deceased friend and tomcat lion of the senate, Dodd will be lobbying hard to get tax breaks to do a remake of "Pretty Baby" in Chile, thus legally having the ability to rent entire brothels for the shooting of the film.

Dodd plans to enlarge and extend his role with the organization by being a consultant for casting and a scene advisor for all productions, but stated this added position will not be part of his contract and he is doing it to envelop himself totally in the atmosphere of Hollywood on the Potomac.

Dodd has said that he is really pumped up for his new role and plans to make the "A" team soon.