Friday, March 25, 2011

Desperate Unions & Progressives Use Bigger Lies To Protect Their Racket In WI

Mother Of All Negative Ads Dropped On WI Judicial Race

Progressives in Wisconsin are up with a TV ad that puts the negative in negative campaigning: sitting state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser defends child molesters instead of their victims, the groups say.
"Tell David Prosser judges should protect our children," the ad's narrator states, "not sex offenders."

That this ad is a lie is obvious. That unions would do this is also obvious because they have done this so many times in the past.

They will blatantly lie to win an election through lies and by destroying the reputation of an opponent. It is their M.O. and they will then lie about their lies until they believe people are starting to believe or just get tired of it all.

One of the victims has spoken.