Friday, March 25, 2011

"probable cause of Katrina and the Japanese tsunami"

don’t forget that Gorelick also represented Duke U. against the Lacrosse team members falsely accused of rape. She is, simply put, the Typhoid Mary of policy fiascos, and until we see conclusive proof she cannot be ruled out as a probable cause of Katrina and the Japanese tsunami. - Dave Burge


If one were to contemplate a political "Duck Soup" Gorelick would have play all three leads, but without humor. And no applause.

Gorelick is a walking disaster of which there is no defense. She is the epitome of ineptness in the epitome of political ineptness led by the king of ineptness being entertained by the VP of Court Jester ineptness.

And she doesn't need a new china shop in which to cause destruction.