Wednesday, March 11, 2009

TITANIC: Can The Obama Admin Actually Be Staffed?

A couple of weeks ago I asked if there were enough honest applicants to head up cabinet and other positions in the Obama Administration. Most voters in the poll stated no.

Now, the question may be, are there enough honest, non-wacko and those who believe in Obama to staff important positions in the Obama Administration. Of course there are if BO and the boys lower the bar far enough for some to slither over and into positions of importance in the government of the United States of America. BTW, The US is a country of some importance in the world. You know the old cliches that everyone seemed tired of in the last election, beacon of hope in the world, most generous, most productive and the bulwark against crazies and puffed up rookies who think they know better than all of us losers who believe in our country, our fellow man and freedom.

Even the bottom of the barrel appear to be switching their little rat tails as they abandon the ship of state, USS Obama.

Freeman hits 'Israel lobby' on way out
Charles W. Freeman Jr.'s abrupt withdrawal from his appointment as chairman of the National Intelligence Council came after he drew fire on a number of fronts - including questions about his financial ties to China and Saudi Arabia.
In particular, Freeman has described "Israeli violence against Palestinians" as a key barrier to Mideast peace, and referred to violence in Tibet last year - widely seen in the United States as a revolt against Chinese occupation - as a "race riot."
"The tactics of the Israel Lobby plumb the depths of dishonor and indecency and include character assassination, selective misquotation, the willful distortion of the record, the fabrication of falsehoods, and an utter disregard for the truth."

Let's see, after just a matter of weeks George McGovern's boy from the Middle Easy Policy Council is bounced because many questioned his credentials, his financial ties to China and Saudi Arabia and his loud mouth and it's all the Joooooos fault. Well, isn't that special.

Diplomacy in the Age of Terror
We destroyed the Iraqi state and catalyzed anarchy, sectarian violence, terrorism, and civil war in that country. Meanwhile, we embraced Israel’s enemies as our own; they responded by equating Americans with Israelis as their enemies. We abandoned the role of Middle East peacemaker to back Israel’s efforts to pacify its captive and increasingly ghettoized Arab populations. We wring our hands while sitting on them as the Jewish state continues to seize ever more Arab land for its colonists.

Nothing says balance in the Middle East like saying that the Jews are blood thirsty colonists who view Arabs as nothing more than vermin in the way. Wait, didn't people say that about the Jews before Israel?

Hey, Freeman, don't let the door hit you in the butt on your way out. Another great pick Barack.

Another Obama pick owes back taxes, but it’s OK because, now caught, he’ll pay up