Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Obama Is Now Congress' Punk

He ran to make a difference. He was going to change America and the way Washington, DC did the people's business.

He would allow no earmarks.

First came the Simulus bill. He said no earmarks. Well, not many.

Now comes the budget bill. Tons of earmarks by Democrats and Republicans alike. Congress is laughing at Obama. The nation is laughing at Obama.

Obama is their cute little punk who will be told what to do and when to do it.

Obama defends pet projects and signs spending bill
President Barack Obama, sounding weary of criticism over federal earmarks, defended Congress' pet projects Wednesday as he signed an "imperfect" $410 billion measure with thousands of examples. But he said the spending does need tighter restraint and listed guidelines to do it. Obama, accused of hypocrisy by Republicans for embracing billions of dollars of earmarks in the legislation, said they can be useful and noted that he has promised to curb, not eliminate them.

Obama is in way over his head, but we're the ones that are going to drown.

What a pitiful joke.