Thursday, February 05, 2009

Most Braindead Drivel Of The Week

Most. Quite a word, especially in light of the cluelessness going on in the White House, the criminal activities being uncovered in confirmation hearings and the bribery-blackmail-payola legislation being spewed in Congress, but 'most' is appropriate here.

From an Ohio blogger who tends to view things from a dark corner of his mind we have:

America is living through the final manifestation of every Republican idea Republicans have ever wanted to implement. They got it all - not one item on the Republican wish list has gone undone. Not one.

And it is a spectacular, total failure.

Tens of thousands of people lose their jobs every single week as a result of Republican ideology. Every 401(k) in the country is gutted because of Republican policy. Every bank in the country is teetering on collapse because of Republican philosophy. Every homeowner in the country has lost tens of thousands of dollars in value in their largest investment because of Republican dogma. Millions of homeowners have lost their home because of Republican lack of oversight.

We are living the dream Republicans have dreamt of for decades. Only one problem - it’s a nightmare.

Every word a delight to those who refuse to learn history or to understand current events and refuse to look in the mirror. It scares them. Their paltry faith in the beliefs they call their own, which they have combed from who knows where, is so fragile that they must blame everything on their opponents, both real and imagined.

Their wrath and righteous indignation spews from their keyboards, as if they stand in our rooms and offices, to create a windmill tilting clarion call for justice.

Well, I have news for the disenfranchised who for eight years called our president names to humiliate him and to make themselves feel important. You're still disenfranchised.

The world didn't care then and doesn't care now to listen to ranting made only to alleviate the ranter. Even the conservative member of politics knows that our Republican form of government is one of compromise.

Our side of the aisle knows full well that Republicans in Congress represented us poorly as they acted like they owned their jobs, could spend our money freely and many Republicans knowing that, just stayed home this last election and the one before it.

The policies that grew the greatest prosperity in modern times came from luminaries in our political system, not gutter snipers that belly ached that even in success, such as almost full employment, that it came on the backs of those that didn't work.

This, then, is the "total failure" of Republican policy. That now greed is being punished and businesses' suffer from policies pushed, unfortunately, by both parties is not a total failure of Republican policy, it is the result of governmental folly that it knows enough of business to tell business how to do business. Governments know as much of social justice as a watch knows about time. Both are merely mechanisms and when they are used to go beyond their mechanical abilities, they cause failure.

So, rant on about your imagined nightmares from a mind not fully occupied. Politics is a passionate endeavor, but a hard nosed one as well. Rants of bravado may have a place on the field of battle, the sports arena and the political rally/protest, but it is generally a nuisance to those trying to do the business of governing.