Friday, May 25, 2012

Politifake Dives In The Tank For Obama "The Fiscal Conservative'

As a homage to the Axlerods and Emanuels of the world Politifact, helping out their buddy Rex Nutting (whose article has been totally ridiculed), proudly published a lie so bold that it will be broadcast from sea to shining sea as truth. If not, Obama is toast.

It might seem incredible that a president who has signed into law the largest federal spending in history, who has run up $5 trillion in new debt, who has submitted budgets that propose increasing the national debt to $22 trillion–budgets so extreme that not a single member of either the House or the Senate would vote for them, two years running–would somehow try to pass himself off as a fiscal conservative. But in politics, nothing, apparently, is impossible. This is the Obama campaign’s new theme: Obama as the green-eyeshade fiscal conservative.

This is a twofer in that they make Obama into something he isn't, responsible, and they once again get to bash Bush. A liberal goregasm! Returning to the article let's look at some facts:

You really can’t make this stuff up. Here are the federal budget deficits for the fiscal years 2005 through 2012 (2012 is estimated):

2005: 318,000,000,000
2006: 248,000,000,000
2007: 161,000,000,000

The Democrats took control of Congress in January 2007, one-third of the way through FY 2007.
2008: 459,000,000,000

Now we get to the Obama administration.

2009: 1,413,000,000,000
2010: 1,293,000,000,000
2011: 1,300,000,000,000
2012: 1,327,000,000,000

So Obama has presided over the four largest federal budget deficits in history, by an extremely wide margin. This is how he “cleaned up” the “wild debts” of his Republican predecessor. Of course, federal spending is not entirely, or even primarily, about the president: only Congress has the power to spend money. So this is one more fact that should not be forgotten: since the Democrats took control of Congress in 2007, federal spending has risen by more than $1 trillion, or 39%.

The shills and hacks that are repeating the fiscal conservative nonsense about Obama do not want to acknowledge the $2 trillion that will be added in 2014 by the Obama administration nor do they want to allow any discussion of the trillions in costs added by non=elected arms of government such as the EPA through mandates and regulations nor do they want to talk about the added trillions of continued unemployment caused by these regulations, mandates and spending programs.

Even Axlerod and Emanuel are laughing into their sleeves over this lie too big.