Thursday, September 08, 2011

Time To Forget About 9/11

So says E. J. Dionne Jr., a paramour of failure in all things American. Oh, I'm sure he and others will laugh about rubes across the nation that couldn't possibly understand the more complex notions people like Dionne Jr who figure them out before they have breakfast.

Time to leave 9/11 behind

We must move forward learning from 9/11, but we must never forget 9/11, as he implies in his "behind" wording. Dionne Jr then pulls out Abraham Lincoln and Gettysburg to speak truth to power as in, "The best we could do, Lincoln declared, was to commit ourselves to 'a new birth of freedom.' This is still our calling." as if it is a truth he understands. The truth is we still face terrorist threats that are still growing unlike the High Tide of the Confederacy President Lincoln spoke of over all the dead at Gettysburg.

Dionne Jr invokes the "lost decade" to explain why we must move on from 9/11.We have endured many lost decades as those that wish to see our society, economy and nation utterly remade in their vision. No, I'm not writing about terrorists, I am writing of all the Dionne Jrs that brought us and encouraged us to leave the wisdom and time proven methods that made our country great. Each lost decade needed us to forget, in fact each lost decade demanded we leave God, country, family and civic duty behind.

To move forward we do need to forget people like Dionne Jr so that we may clearly remember the events and people that made our nation great so we can build on that success as we look forward.

On the 10th anniversary of the cowardly attacks by Islamic radicals, Islamofascists, we will pray for the dead and their families as well as for those working to defend us and for those that will win for us a world devoid of bin Ladens and his odious ilk.

No, it is not time to put 9/11 "behind" us. It is time to keep 9/11 in the very forefront of our minds as we look forward and plan for a world without terror and their facilitators. And it did not take me until breakfast to figure this out.