Thursday, September 08, 2011

Bam Bam's Speech


He says they don't matter which mean they do. To him.

Yada. Yada.

Union talk.

Oh oh, unions aren't treated fairly.

Political circus!!!

Joke. Right?

Beginning of nation=unions, eh? No.

Here comes the plan he's offering.......

It will all be paid for....

Yada, lie, yada...

Pass this plan right away!

Bam Bam is politicking. BS.

Pass it right away!

Bad bridges...

Pass it right away.

China (communist China) does it. Why can't we?????

Pass it right away.

With better bridges, our children will learn better!

Workers will be put back to work making better bridges and schools or something without boondoggles.

It will make our economy better.

A TX and MA Rep wrote this idea.

You should pass it right away!

On to schools. We're laying off teachers left and right.

Pass this bill!!!!!

Oh, Good Lord. This man is a lousy candidate and a liar and a loser as a speaker and a president.

I'm watching something more important. Like Gilligan's Island.