Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sewer Rats Look For Crap On Perry

Ever classy liberals are searching their sewers for anything they can pin on Gov. Rick Perry, Republican presidential candidate. Which will they choose, facts don't matter, to smear Perry?

1. Adulterer
2. Pervert
3. Pedophile
4. Queer
5. Cross dresser

Now, a wackjob supporter of Ron Paul, nominally a Republican candidate for president, has decided to hurt Perry with slime ball innuendo. That he sounds like a persistent contributor to Democratic Underground not only makes him look like a jackass it also makes Ron Paul look even nuttier than usual, if that is possible.

I've worked in Texas politics and it is a contact sport. The press down there still writes in the mode of Molly Ivans which is to say make a charge, refuse to back down and then pour acid on their opponents. That's the nice side of politics down there. The bad side can be summed up in three letters, LBJ. Just don't ask where the bodies are buried beside the one in Arlington National Cemetery. The Pedernals sure are looking green this year.

But the rats keep looking, talking and spewing and all the while they don't notice they are swimming in their own crap.