Saturday, August 20, 2011

Obama's EPA Will Kill What Obama Can't

The EPA is quickly becoming the fourth branch of government as an Obama addition to the executive, judicial and legislative branches. That the EPA is not answerable to just about anyone is seen as a feature, not a bug, to big government types that also want to inject themselves into every facet of our lives they can think of. Oh, and they also don't care that unemployment will go up as well as the cost of everything because the benefits will be for the country and to stave off alien intervention.

I guess freezing grandmothers and babies is a better for their environment that having fat ones. Priorities R' Them.

Killing the American Dream is hard work and Obama is finding he can’t do it all by himself, but with the help of the EPA he can kill ever so much more and nobody will be held responsible. It’s a win-win for the Obama, especially if he is only a one term president.

That it is a completely stupid idea and approach seems not to have occurred to anyone.