Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Unions: Voters Join Walker, Kasich Christie In Rejection Of Union Greed

Don Surber points out some realities in West Virginia. The number one reality is that in what was once a hard core union state the voters have turned against them. That voters have become anti-union is even more important because it was in a Democrat primary.

Democrats. Democrats in West Virginia. Democrats who supported the Exalted Cyclops, Robert C. Byrd, who supported every union and every piece of union legislation. Democrats.

The unions here in Ohio had huge protests at the state capital against Republican Governor John Kasich and S.B. 5, a bill to have union members pay more of a fair share of their benefits, and lost. Unions in Wisconsin vowed to take down Republican Governor Walker, to take over the state capital and to defeat Judge Prosser in his election as a referendum on Walker’s union policy and they lost, lost, lost. Unions in New Jersey took on Republican Christie and ran into the Sicilian Irish Express who offered to help them pack their bags if they wanted to flee. Three states with three new Republican governors dealing with Democrat budgets that were killing those states.

Unions were dying before Democrats shored up the movement by initiating public sector unions. Public sector union is a nice way to say government workers whose big bosses extort higher pay and benefits than enjoyed in the private sector for themselves at tax payer, i.e. non-government workers, expense. The movement to rein in union power and corruption is spreading across the country even rearing its head in places like New York and California which is a death knell for unions.

A second movement, immigration reform, is also spreading and if successful it means that illegal aliens will not become legal and not be able to vote Democrat in higher numbers than they already illegally do. If, and it is a big if, Democrats lose on both of these issues it will cost them not just votes at home and in congress, but also millions of dollars with which to further their progressive policies. If this happens there will be a shift in the body politic of seismic proportion and there won’t be enough federal emergency funds or stimulus packages to save them. The rejection would be final.