Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Big Government: No Taters For Tots

The lonely spud. Tator. Big government has decided that it is bad. Now kids in school will be denied that which they like and is good for them because health advocates have decided that the potato is making our kids fat.

The spud has had a tough time lately. In the last year, it has been marginalized by new school lunch rules, demonized by a popular television program and blamed for the nation's obesity epidemic. Health advocates and government officials have pushed to take them off lunch lines, where kids often reach for the crispy treats instead of greener vegetables.

Big government can’t balance a budget, it orders us to use light bulbs and dish detergents we don’t want because they don’t work and they pretty much bungle every thing they do, both good and bad. Big government and their unions tell our kids they can’t play tag nor dodge ball and other popular kid’s games because they aren’t safe and they “teach” the wrong message as exercise, but then say kids are fat because of potatoes.

There is an obesity problem in America and it is called big fat government living off a Foie Gras diet of our money which is making them fatter by the minute. Instead of injecting themselves into the workings of local schools and the eating habits of children the government ought to get off its ass and get lean instead of denying tots tators.