Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Obama Will Veto Anything That Threatens Net Neutrality

Another fixing of what isn't broken, but net neutralty gives the government and its poodle Google direct control over the Internet.

White House issues veto threat for repeal of net-neutrality rules

House Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton said in a statement ahead of the debate that net-neutrality rules will hurt the economy.
"The FCC has taken unprecedented action and tried to ‘fix’ a market that’s not broken. There is no crisis warranting an intervention and these rules will do more harm than good by chilling the very investment and innovation we need to ensure the Internet keeps pace with the growing demands being placed on it," Upton said.  
Do we really want an Internet which government will "control" just so we can have a monumental loser like Bill Moyers, for fairness and balance, receiving the same exposure as Porn Poodles From Luxor? They're both a myth, but the porn poodles have more real-life applications.