Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Glenn Greenwald attacks Glenn Reynolds. No contest.

Greenwald is so predictable about being predictable. He is so shallow that he probably thought that Gertrude Stein was stuttering when she wrote "a rose is a rose is a rose," but a thing is a thing, whatever it is, and Greenwald is laughably so predictable, especially when he gets the tingles and feels the need to condescend to others to support his support for his beautiful man-boy Obama..

Reynolds is highlighted here not because he's unique but because he's so drearily common.

Greenwald, you wanted your guy, your messiah, and now you got him. Suck it up. Try to be a man and live with the consequences of your stupidity. Otherwise you're just another overpaid hack coward. Oh, wait...

Plus, I chuckle over Greenwald's classism with his dreary reference to being common. He makes me laugh. Out loud. He is so outclassed that one might feel sorry for him. Might.