Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Sharia Murderer Upset Over Murder Conviction

His wife upset him so he stabbed her 40 times and cut off her head using two hunting knives. What ever could be wrong with that?

Muzzammil Hassan gets 25 to life for beheading wife, Aasiya Hassan
"The prosecution has never asked, who started it?" the killer said during his trial, WIVB 4 News in Buffalo reported. "They never asked the question, who started it? That is the core question that needs to be answered."
Muzzammil Hassan founded Bridge TV in 2004. The American-Islamic station was designed to combat the negative stereotype of Muslims post-9/11. His wife was its general manager.
What's wrong with this? It has no place in a civilized nation. That's what is wrong with his actions and his thinking. If he and his relatives want to stone and behead themselves into oblivion, fine, but don't do it here. 
And don't act all offended when you do something like this and we think you an animal which really sucks because animals shouldn't be insulted so. 
We should ask a simple question when immigrants enter our country, "Do you think it acceptable to harm your wife and kids?" If there isn't an immediate "No!" we should throw their ass back in the ocean and they can swim home. 
A bonus to that question is that if individuals such as this were not bringing their horrific thinking to America there would be no need for idiotic TV programming to combat negative stereotyping of Muslims.