Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Laughing At Democrat Crying

Democrats are saying that those mean old Republican are ruining  America. In fact, those mean old bastards are going to destroy America. (be sure to include quote about them doing it all to make themselves even richer. gotta feed the trolls)

They are trying to cut $61 billion out of $3.8 trillion in government spending. By gawd that's as bad as cutting the hair around your ears. You cutting your body in half!

Tiny Cuts, Big Complaints
Republicans and Democrats squabble over crumbs as the layer cake of debt keeps rising.

In the context of federal spending that will total something like $3.8 trillion this year, $61 billion is a rounding error. Yet the Democrats resisting that amount in House-approved cuts say it will wreck the economy while leaving children unschooled, taking food from the mouths of the elderly, and casting disabled people into the streets.

Laughter is the only appropriate response to such predictions.In these absurd times, when both parties quibble over crumbs while the layer cake of debt rises higher and higher, laughter is a mark of fiscal seriousness.

Reminds me of when my daughter announced we were going on a trip around the world. I explained that due to work and family responsibilities I couldn't take the time off. She explained that I could stay at home and the rest of the family could go. My wife said that she couldn't take the time off to go around the world and our son said he couldn't miss school and practice, but my daughter explained she would go by herself. I then said that we couldn't afford the trip and there wasn't any reason to discuss it as a reality.

She wailed and cried stomping off to her room. I went to her and said that though we couldn't go on such a trip that she could still dream and plan for such a trip for herself one day. I was then informed by her that by the time she had that much money she'd be dead. Oh, and that I had absolutely ruined her entire life and that she might as well be dead.

That was 13 years ago and she has finished college and has worked many jobs, two at a time, to put money aside. I recently reminded her of her hysterics over never having been able to take her trip around the world. She started laughing and said she still gets embarrassed remembering her childish hyperbole.

She leaves for her trip next year and good for her because she earned it herself.