Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hillary's Final Two, Obama's Final Four & Japan's Finale

Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton announced that after her term as Secretary of State, in two years, she is out. Japan is out if you believe the media. Qaddafi is murdering his people by bracketing. Egypt is winning in its tournament by killing their opponents. And the whole Middle East is a powder keg of explosive action.

Why would anyone care about the march of madness in the world when March Madness is upon us here in the United States. Any bartender or wife that switches to a news program will be murdered and their killer will be found innocent by reason of temporary March Madness.

If by chance radiation wafts over the Pacific to our land of plenty there will be a plenty of skeletons still sitting in recliners holding beers with their dead eyes still pointed towards a television. It appears that will be the case at 123 Hog Back Road, Anytown, US 54321 as well as at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500. Unfortunately, they won't find out how the madness called foreign policy ends.

As an American I am so pleased, actually tickled pink, that the president has finally found something of interest to fill his term of office.