Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dick Schumer: The Savior Of Republicans & Fiscal Sanity

Yep, he is! He has to be because if Schumer is for any one thing then all sane people must to be against it. So, if Schumer says he has saved Boehner and Republicans from the Tea Party then they have only one course to pursue.

Finally align themselves with the Tea Party.

Schumer taunts Boehner again: Democrats saved you from the Tea Party

“It’s time for him to abandon the Tea Party, and forge a bipartisan compromise.

If Schumer is talking honesty, fiscal responsibility and compromise my advise to the entire congress is to check for their wallets because something's missing.

I wouldn't believe Schumer if he said water was wet.

Don't listen to Chuckie, slash the budget and do it fast.