Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Madhatter Of Congress (I Mean That In The Nicest Way)

Frederica Wilson (D-FL)

Wearing hats is her fashion signature and she owns a vast collection of them. She’d like a 173 year-old rule of the United States House of Representatives changed so she can wear her hats on the House floor while working during session.

via Webutante
I had to look for more pics. There are tons because she has collected hats for 30 years and believes the hats and coordinated suits (canary yellow, fire engine red, etc.) define her.
Her priority as a new member is to have rule banning hats on the floor of the House changed and wants Speaker Boehner to rescind the rule. He can't. Not by himself.
I think the whole world would like to see an American Congressman wearing a cowboy hat with a matching canary yellow suit while in the well of the House. It just screams gravitas.

Hats off to you Frederica.